Legacy in Education






"Every child is an artist..."Pablo Picasso






Legacy In Education programs include:

Adopt a Program- Individuals, groups or corporations can adopt a music or arts program for children grades K through 12.  This program helps to maintain and restore school based arts programs and extracurricular activities that otherwise would not be available for children.

Let's Play-  Puts musical instruments in the hands of children and for use in the classroom.. 

Curtain Up!- Provides items needed for stage performances.  Children will have the opportunity to have onstage and practical experience with props, costumes, and technical needs for productions.

Legacy in Education strives to work with schools to offer these programs as well as customizing individual programs to meet the needs of the children in individual schools. We will offer creative solutions to keep  music and arts programs available to our children.  Schools with a need are invited to contact Legacy in Education to discuss the needs of the children in your school.

Legacy Family Choir is part of our outreach program.  This community choir seeks to educate it's choir members at all levels of music reading and vocal ability, college interns and our audiences.  It is important to provide the community with quality entertainment and also an awareness of the need for music and arts education.